Sooner than What You Think!

Morning and great to welcome back dearest friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Italy, Germany, Poland, Malaysia, South Korea,Slovenia, Australia, Kenya, Spain, Japan, Greece, Portugal, Philippines, Australia, South Africa, India, and the UK! 😉
USA Car Record
Qatar AirwaysIsn’t it time to get serious? You wonder why we heard that? You shouldn’t!

US Congress problems is not Nancy Pelosi or any other member in the Congress. The real problem is the system. The Congress members follow the rules and the policies provided for them. We’re not defending their policy, just stating a fact.

If you want to make changes for Congress, you’ve got to examine the roots not the top of the tree. It is not that you like or you dislike them anymore, it’s about a ship that is sinking!

You need to change the bottom-lines they follow; it seems that they are stuck there following what was dictated on them to do. Rep Omar did not do anything wrong, she is representing her people. It is not her voice, she speaks the voice of everyone who voted for her to represent.

There is poverty to deal with, there is inequality of wages to deal with, there is an attempt to eradicate the middle classes to deal with, there is homeless people due to the wrong housing policies and laws. There’s suicidal and mental serious issues including vets problems, which you can prevent by pulling all those deployed wonderful youth outside of the country to be killed sooner or later.SophiePeace
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Illegal crowds are also a problem and needs to be addressed. Your internal problems need an urgent treatment. It can’t be postponed any more, or else it would be a real crisis sooner than what you all think.

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Until we chat again, enjoy your life wherever you are, share your opinions, make your voice heard, and check regularly on our updated posts, with our hugs and kisses ❤


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