CA’ll Vote Trump!

True welcome back to dearest friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Russia, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong SAR China, Italy, Bahrain, Nepal, Spain, Poland, Brazil, the UK, South Africa, India, Indonesia, Australia, Myanmar (Burma), Turkey, Brazil, Israel, and Poland!! 😉

How innocent those faces were! You’d be astonished how little kids in Grade 1 would ask you questions that expressed their early thoughts as well as their parents’ influence on them.

The day before yesterday, While picking up my neighbor, I ran into her class, and I really SophieVoteTrumpliked her kids. I had the chance to sit in the class with her, and since it was the fun part of her class by the end of the day, where every kid would play a game or talk to a friend.

Once she introduced me as a friend for them, you wouldn’t imagine the questions that rained on me. It didn’t bother me at all; on the contrary, I was amused, surprised, and encouraging for their eagerness to know things. I even wished that I had to spend more time with them, but it was only one period. Mary, my neighbor, told me to share their ideas with you, which was  a good idea, why not?

Leah asked: “Have you heard of pangolins?” 
I answered “No”. She started telling me how she watched them with her mom in a TV show. She made me think: How is it possible for humans to have such a deep shift from loving human species to loving animals and build conservation centers all over the world for protecting them?

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Shawn grabbed my elbow: Do you know Trump? My dad watch his news everyday, he put me on his lap.
I answered: “Do you like it?”, for which he nodded his head “Yes”, most probably he meant being on his dad’s lap, but that actually reminded me of the way Trump handled some of the new issues that media like to exaggerate about.
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About how to be impartial or at least to look like one, here’s a tip: you don’t attack or defend a situation, you just give a comment and let people say what they want.

It’s an excellent way of controlling your emotions, and not to be involved in wrong judgement that history can count against you. Was that clip really meant to be like this?

Even if you had your doubts, and even if it was not meant to be, you can’t discredit it, on the contrary, you’ve got to welcome it, and to vote for it.

CA vote for Trump!

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Until we chat again, continuing those lovely kids’ talk, enjoying the innocence and the purity of young human thinking, share your ideas, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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