1Zumba, Guts Never Lie!

Thank you dear for being here. Our best wishes for all of you; especially folks from the US, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Canada, Philippines, n Greece 😉

My dear 1Zumba friend, yes, you are right. It’s hard to stay on the top for a long time; particularly nowadays, with all this tremendous variety of media tools surrounding us all the time. Only the smart ones can play it right 😉

We’ve got to cope with it, only if we are smart enough, right? 

Now, for Gala, our 1Zumba friend, who asked us about investment. Narjis, 1Zumba friend, said that the average person might be content with the way she lives, but when there is motivation an ambition, Image result for investthere is always more to achieve or to be expected – investment.

Before we answer Gala’s question, I would like to emphasize the fact that investment is not saving money.

Investment is a simple word, but has deep meaning for educated people. It is planting and expanding on things in a good way. When you invest, you can do that for yourself, your family, friends, acquaintance, your future, properties, power, or others.

Then again, each of these investments would include further branches. For instance, Image result for invest in your moodif you were to invest in yourself. This may cover your body, your health, your fitness, your education, your mood, your thinking, or your brain.

When you invest in your friends, you’ve got to make a good bond with your real friends, in a way that makes you trust their judgement, when you ask their opinion.

When you are jealous or envious n feel unhappy around friends, ask yourself: are these real friends or  should I make some real ones?

Last week, my co-worker, Julie mentioned that she used to have a circle of four girl friends. She considered them her best Image result for girls' lunch tablefriends, they play golf together, they get together every now and then, they invite each other to their homes, their husbands have numerous activities in common. They enjoy being together, etc.

Unfortunately, that circle got damaged last week, when Cecilia did not ask Julie to help her with selling her home. It was a shock. Why? “She pretended to be my best friend”, said Julie; nevertheless, “she asked another creepy realtor to sell her property, which would let him earn a large amount of money.”

“She preferred him over me. She would give her money for a stranger rather than me. her best friend. How would I be able to look gutinto the eyes of our girls group, and tell them that she didn’t trust my skills, though I ‘ve been  in this business for over 15 yrs.”

She went on and on. She literally was in a complete anxiety shock of what had happened by Cecilia.

Myself, since I was not part of her group, I listened and listened like other s who were there, trying to calm her down and analyze what she was narrating to us. I felt Image result for girl prefer him over her friendcompassionate toward how she felt. I tried to come up with a reason for her, so did others.

But the truth was that she made a bad investment in friends!

Of course, it is never easy to read people, but you have the sense inside you of who truly loves you, and who pretends to love you. The vibrations you will get when you around a real friend will make you feel pleasure, not necessarily happiness. Trust your guts. They never lie!

Well, shall we have few moments, and then come back again for more chatting? I guess, yes! Kisses & hugs for all of you ❤

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