1Zumba, Ready For Solar?

How great to see you again! Dear friends and readers from everywhere, it’s time to chat with all of you, so thank you for the US, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Philippines, Spain, Germany, Canada, Austria, Italy , & Sweden 😉

Hello 1Zumba friend, everyone seems to be so busy getting ready for the new year, as if it is tomorrow 2017. What’s going on? What’s happening in our world? Why is everyone in a hurry? 🙄

It’s enjoyable to be a teacher, and it is the same to be a realtor, coz the other party in both are the people, which has the most profound effect in success for me.


Image result for new solar camera As I told you before, solar is a revolution in industry. All products which use electricity, sooner or later, will be switchedImage result for latest solar products to solar energy.

The reason is very simple. It’s cheaper. It works whether there is sun or there is no sun. It is related to rays. A countless number of new products which depend on solar energy will be soon in the market for you to buy. So get ready for new trends in our market 😕

Master Flow 500 CFM Solar Powered Roof Mount Exhaust FanRelated image

Too many new products, I think we will not be able to catch up with all these various kinds of products. It’s quite humongous amount of solar production, which is invading the markets everywhere.Image result for latest solar motorcycle

The question is: Are you ready to switch from electricity to solar?

It’s clean, easy, & fast. Yes, it is true, but still we need to accept the concept, and digest it, in order to act accordingly. Are we ready for a solar car, a solar motorcycle, a solar, agricultural machines, building tools?

Image result for latest solar motorcycleImage result for latest solar motorcycle

Image result for driver in a solar car

It is so overwhelming! I’m telling you everything is going so fast. Now, do you believe me?


Solar started with panels on the top of your roofs, but it slowly sneaked into our lives, and got involved with out TVs, radios, cars, bikes, bags, cells, etc..

Just get ready for solar revolutionary vision on our beautiful Earth!

We’ll talk some more, after a quick snack with my team. Give me hugs & kisses. Love you all. ❤


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