“Beep Beep” Etiquette, 1Zumba!

Our dear friends & readers from everywhere, welcome to our world. Thank you folks from the US, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Pakistan, Denmark, the UAE, Canada, & Germany 😉

My dear 1Zumba friend, I miss you. No, not the one you are now. I miss the one I used to know, the one I used to see, Image result for love you friend drawingsthe one who had a big heartily smile 😉 If you’re facing an issue, let me know. Probably, I can assist you 😉

Andy, 1Zumba fan, asked us about rubbernecking. To your question, Andy, I would explain the following: “Rubbernecking” or slowing Image result for rubberneckingdown to a crawl to check out an accident, is an act of disrespect to the victims.

It is also a hindrance to those trying to help, and a sure way to cause a traffic jam.

Yes, you should slow down so you don’t endanger anyone, but keep moving.

Many articles talked about using your horn, or beeping to someone else “Beep Beep!”

Using the horn is recommended for us, yes, but only for extremely good reasons.

Otherwise, it could Image result for driver is angryalert the driver in a wrong way, which might cause an accident, due to the sudden response you pushed her/him to have, while they were not ready.

“Beep” meaning to the other person:

  • Quick  beep: “I’m here, with you, on the road!”
  • Slightly longer beep: “The lights are green, move on!”
  • Longer blast, repeated several times: “You’re slow, hurry up.”
  • Nonstop blast: “I lost my etiquette of self-control, I’ll kick your …”

You will be mistaken, when you use your horn in Image result for patient driverexpressing the previous phrases. You have to use your best judgement. Be courteous, patient, coz you do not know what is going on in the other vehicle. Things happen 🙄

Safety always comes first. But in many cases, actions that keep you safe are also courteous.  

There is many safety tips, but the critical ones are not to be drunk and drive, and to pay full attention to the road. All kinds of distractions are unacceptable. Of course, keep your temper, Image result for driver respect speed limitso your judgement would be clear.

Your speed limit should be within the allowed limits, coz there is always a good reason for that speed in any specific given area.

Remember that “Beep Beep” etiquette will pass on to your kids; you are their raw model, and their first driving instructor. (If you don’t have a driver, haha!) 😀

Let’s talk some more after this short break. May be we can talk about a new ravishing invention. Kisses & hugs for all of you ❤

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