The Power of Elegance, 1Zum!

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My dear 1Zumba friend, it seems that I’m eating too much these days. I don’t know what’s going on with my appetite. It’s not that I feel hungry a lot, but I think it is the timing change. What happens is that, Image result for coffeeI forget having my meals on time.

Sometimes I stay with a light breakfast until 4 or 5 pm, which is not healthy at all. Then, when I have something to eat that late, I over-eat, and I feel it immediately. 

Drinking coffee or tea that late could help, may be, but it would keep me awake until late by night. So from now on, I will watch my meals’ time, as I used to be. I’m actually very careful with what I eat, when I eat, & how much I should have in one meal.

Sometimes, the inconvenience emerges from work circumstances, but I see it as an excuse rather than a justification. Nudggy, 1Zumba friend, asked us about elegance, and how to be classy, when in social occasions, or in general.

I wish there was an easy answer Image result for elegantto this, but the truth is that we’ve found endless viewpoints, talking about the two points she asked about, and some of them are nonsense. 🙄

Our conclusion is that everyone of us, has his/her own opinion when it comes to being classy. You might see a certain white dress very classy and elegant, while someone else could see it less than classy.

It’s a matter of taste and degree of comfortability with colors, materials, and the human element.

Too many elements are involved with elegance. Some people are elegant when they talk. There is some kind of class, Image result for elegantwhen they talk to you. You like it. You feel comfortable dealing with them.

Some may fake the classy appearance but when they start speaking, the mask is dropped right away, and their real qualities, in the way they speak, reveal their true nature.

The chemistry also plays an important role whenImage result for stripper drawing it comes to feeling classy or elegant. Ozzie, a new student in our team, said: “A stripper might not feel classy about herself.” That was an extreme, but it could be true. 😳

If you feel disrespectful to yourself internally, how would you expect people to see you as a classy person. You don’t have it in the first place. If you faked it, it’s gonna show up, in certain instances, without noticing it.


Elegance is not necessarily related to money, power, or others. It is something that emerges from the inside of you. Image result for ringElegance is simple, never complicated. It is not about your diamond ring, or your Rolls Royce vehicle, it’s rather  a spiritual higher quality .

Class is your choice of words when you deal with people around you, whether family or friends. It is being satisfied  with yourself, without having to hear a compliment from others. It is confidence that you have, nobody is giving it to you. It’s self-sufficiency & self-discipline. 

One more thing, Image result for elegantfineness can be manifested in many ways: in a house decoration, in a way of living, in a painting, or almost anything else. It relates to most of our life’s facets.

I hope we’ve answered your question, and pls ask more questions, if you needed more explanation. We’re so happy to hear from our followers and readers. 🙂

It is such an enjoyment to talk to you, mind to mind. Let’s take a break, and come back to you for more invigorating speech.

Until then, my friends, here’s my hugs, kisses, n just enjoy the power of elegance with all of us ❤


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