1Zumba, Any Wise Insights?

Friends & readers, thank you for reading our words. We are here because of you; especially our folks from the US, Canada, Mexico, Philippines, Slovenia, Croatia, Germany, India, the UK 😉

Today in one of my classes, there has been a debate among three of my students. It has been quite interesting to hear what they said. One was from Canada, a second was from China, & a third  was from Ukraine.

First we were talking about appearance, and how some people neglect themselves when they are home, while Image result for dress elegantothers prefer to dress up most of the time. The original argument was about a husband and a wife, and how appearance can end a marriage, if neglected.

The student from China was the first one to oppose strongly to that statement. In his defense, he didn’t care about his appearance at all while being home, with his wife, partner, or kids, coz he was supposed to be resting while he was home.

He added that the only good appearance and dressing up well should be for business purposes only.

From California, another student stood up explaining that a person should care for her/his appearance whether home or Image result for royal outfitoutside, no matter where she/he is. She explained that, “a person’s image partly is partly affected by the way he is dressed up”.

The last viewpoint was given by a Canadian student, who emphasized the importance of being elegant, not only to be dressed up for occasions, or for making an impression on others, but also for the self. He justified his opinion by describing his own feelings (for himself), when he was well-taken care of, and while he was not.

Furthermore, he claimed that 3bf5a97b49fb9d1e0744cf43d858a206there was always that kind of motivation and self-confidence that were brought to him, when he was all in fine outfit, and that made him liked it more. Since then he decided to keep generating that good feelings about himself, which in turn, made him more productive and more successful.

Let me add a tiny point here for clarification, we were not talking about following fashion, going after expensive clothes, or anything of that sort. 😕

My dear 1Zumba friend, what do you think of all these different views? Do you agree with any of them? Or do you have your own wise insights?

In a little bit, we’ll be back. With our love for all of you ❤


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