Jozefina, 1Zumba Bosnia and Herzegovina!

Is this the most wonderful day of the year or what? Thank you for joining us and waiting for our words. Welcome the US & India friends 😉

You are just fantastic group of people, with all these kinds of comments and praise you’re giving us all the time. It feels awesome to read your suggestions and questions. It makes me and my team feel that we never wasted our time writing to you 😉

Welcome dear friends & readers everywhere. Today, we have a giant addition to our interviews. This time it’s with one of the most fantastic personalities I ever met. She is so open, and full of life. She is Zin Jozefina Gagro Perić

  • How would you like to introduce yourself to our readers & friends?

    It’s difficult to evaluate myself because I think that we can and must always work on ourselves, our character, our attitude towards ourselves, our families, those around us, those whom we live and with whom we work.

    The first thing that comes to mind is a high level of tolerance, calmness and composure which, considering today’s high speed lifestyle, is very important in dealing with people.

    Because I work with a large number of people with a wide range of characters, I feel that this quality is the reason I am successful in my work.

  • Jozefina Gagro Perić11/17, 3:01am, Jozefina Gagro Perić

    – How did you start thinking of taking this career?
    I got into this line of work thanks to my sister Klaudija, whom I can’t thank enough for recommending and encouraging me to enter the world of Zumba Fitness. I lived in Croatia. My childhood was spent dancing, singing and playing the accordion and piano.

    I took acrobatic rock ‘n roll, sang in the choir, finished music school, played the accordion and piano …I love music. By chance (because love knows no boundaries), I got married in the neighboring country of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    For many years I was “only” a mother, wife and homemaker. My children had grown and my nostalgia for dance was growing. It was then that my sister told me she had started going to a fitness program which was something new in Croatia and which had the world in a frenzy.

    Zumba Fitness was totally unknown in Bosnia and Herzegovina so I decided to accept that challenge and applied for licensing. I am the second person in BiH who got into Zumba and am very proud of myself and my success. It’s easy to follow in someone else’s footsteps, but to go down a road no one had gone down before, and to leave a trail is a privilege reserved for only the bravest people.  

  • Jozefina Gagro Perić11/17, 3:04am, Jozefina Gagro Perić

    -Why did you feel you like it, or what attracted you the most about Zumba Fitness?
    What attracted me to Zumba was the freedom of expression (in terms of dance). There are no boundaries. Certain rules do exist, which the instructors must adhere to. However, you create your program according to your own abilities, desires and the abilities of your participants. You can always build on your knowledge with additional licenses and programs.

    This is a challenge which I set for myself. I always try to be better and to offer my participants my very best. That’s why I have attended pretty much all of the training programs and acquired most of the licenses that Zumba Fitness offers. There are more… and they will be mine, soon. A man learns all his life. 

  • Jozefina Gagro Perić11/17, 3:05am, Jozefina Gagro Perić

    What kind of work is it, i.e. are you employed by a Company?
    I founded my own fitness club and called it FEEL FREE. Why? Because I wanted everyone who enters through the doors of the club to feel at home, like a part of my family. They become my FEEL FREE family, unique and irreplaceable. 

  • Jozefina Gagro Perić11/17, 3:06am, Jozefina Gagro Perić

    -What other hobbies or line of work are you involved in, additionally to Zumba Fitness?
    Zumba Fitness is my hobby, something I do for my soul.
    In my day job I am the procurement manager at Ziblin & Co., the major importer and distributor of Muster e Dikson hair products for Bosnia and Herzegovina. I like to say that my job is the beautification of women. With Dikson products I nourish hair and with Zumba Fitness I nourish the souls and bodies of my ladies.

  • Jozefina Gagro Perić11/17, 3:08am, Jozefina Gagro Perić

    – Is there times, when you wish that you choose another line of work?
    There are times when I become overwhelmed. I work two jobs, I have a husband who gives me his full support, three children, two of whom are in university, one in high school, a house, a vegetable garden (because you must eat healthy and homemade is best)… You get lost in it all.

    Too little time and too many obligations. But then I realize that this is who I am. I see all the women enjoying my classes, shining before my eyes. I know they have kept coming to my classes all these years because of me, because of my energy and that is what keeps me going and does not allow me to give up.

  • Jozefina Gagro Perić11/17, 3:10am, Jozefina Gagro Perić

    – How many participants/members in your team? Is it a rewarding job? (Emotionally or financially).
    I currently have around 60 participants. I work in two cities offering Zumba Fitness, Zumba Sentao Zumba Kids and a Zumba Step program. If a job can be labelled enjoyable, I enjoy mine immensely. After a stressful day, all is forgotten in our Zumba class, we laugh together and hang out afterwards. We often go on trips, meet new people and never get bored. 

  • Jozefina Gagro Perić11/17, 3:11am,Jozefina Gagro Perić

    -How’s your daily routine, or if you can walk me through a day in your life with our readers would be great.

    Oooo I spend my day running at full speed. I mentioned earlier that I could use a few additional hours each day.

    I get up at 07:00 and go to work. I work until 16:00. I eat quickly, change and am off to classes at 17:00. Travelling from one city to another I do three classes every evening and return home at 22:00 pm.

    I then do a little housework and … “pass out” in bed. Wednesdays I don’t have Zumba classes. On Wednesdays my “class” includes cleaning, cooking and ironing. Sunday is usually reserved for my family if I don’t have a Muster e Dikson seminar or a Zumba Fitness masterclass. Basically, without the support of my family, all this would be impossible. 

    Jozefina Gagro Perić11/17, 3:15am, Jozefina Gagro Perić

    – What advice/message would you like to convey to people?
    In a world where you can be anything … BE KIND and stop existing and start living :* 

    Jozefina Gagro Perić11/17, 3:29am, Jozefina Gagro Perić

    So, thats me 🙂 Hope thats OK Hugs from Bosnia and Herzegovina 💋

    Oh! That was like a whole extremely nutritious meal for young people who are looking for being entrepreneur, or getting into any new business, and to be successful as well as happy in what you do.

Certainly, we have plenty of other questions. We want to know more all the time, don’t we. But we wish our 1Zumba friend, Jozefina, all the best in her life and in her coming project. We will meet with her one more time, when her time allows, to ask about her beauty products, and probably try some of them.

Our hugs & kisses for all of you. We’ll take a short break, & get back to you in a moment, to give you a chance to enjoy 1Zumba Bosnia and Herzegovina ❤



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