See Satellites?

The more you practice and play, the more competitive you are, and the  less exhilarated you become! 😉  Welcome back and always welcome to our pages for our friends and readers from the US, Canada, Sweden, Italy, the UK, Germany, and India! 😉

Last week we talked about satellites, but your  following question was about “how many satellites are active or inactive” is answered by Google claiming that:

About 1,100 active satellites, both government and private. Plus there are about 2,600 ones that no longer work. Russia launched the first satellite, Sputnik 1, in 1957. 

Now your next question will be how much did we spend on the 2,600 satellites that are no longer working (inactive indefinitely)?

Well, not all of them were American, so you spent only few hundred billions or may be trillions. Oh! 🙄space_debris_around_earth-640x640

Many satellite companies and businesses will continuously promote for satellites benefits, and you can see now why, don’t you?

One published article talked about the disadvantage of satellites, including the terribly high cost, their sudden failure, their unrepairable nature due to their location (space), or their disappearance. The article didn’t talk about the satellites’ effects on your weather, because it’s a sensitive subject for anyone to talk about. There is no info about it!!

Satellites are expensive. In addition to the cost of building one of these devices, there is also the cost of launching the satellite into space. Satellites are costly even when they are successfully launched, but all too often, launches end in failure. In 2017, the billion-dollar spy satellite, Zuma, was lost when the rocket carrying it faile …. More

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You see now how it is quite complicated to get some answers about some tools that are supposed to be helping you, and not affecting your weather. For example, what is the relationship between the global warming and the satellites? And do not accept an answer without proofs. 😀

Anyway, it’s just chatting, and we’ll talk more about it after more research, just keep hanging up there with your topics, and get more original inspiration, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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