Heard The Birds, 1Zumba!

Oh dear friends from everywhere! Have you heard the birds today? I wish to hear from you soon. Isn’t it wonderful to hear from friends? 😉

The US, the Philippines, n Uganda, accept our special thanks to you 😉

My dear 1Zumba friend, sometimes, I feel that you’re with me, talking to me, looking at me, even patting my shoulder. I’m not sure why, but it’s a kind of connection. Don’t you think?

Anyway, we have our “Petty” dialogue, and our competition Question no. …and  a short video.
Image result for flower face

He: End of what?

She: I don’t know, i’m just thinking.

He: Oh! you’re being ridiculous

Image result for flower faceShe: Well! Sometimes, it’s good to be ridiculous, what else should we do in a beautiful Saturday morning like this?

He: Probably, play golf!

She: Uff, kind of boring now to me to do that any more.

He: How about fishing let’s get your boat n just sail forever.

She: Forever! Are u nuts?

He: It’s a figure of speech, you know, I didn’t mean forever forever, just for time longer than the usual.

She: And what’s that usual?

He: 2 or 3 hours probably.

Image result for a girl & boy talkingShe: Oh! Still boring. I want something special to do in my day. I want to meet someone enthusiastic about life.

Someone who wants to achieve a new goal. Someone who has a good purpose for living. Or may be something new that would be of interest to me and to others.

He: Like what?

She: A new tool, a new idea, a new horizon. Something I haven’t heard about it before. The newest thing that came to me was a way of painting, that grabbed my attention. Image result for a girl & boy talkingOther than that, it seems that everything is kind of stagnant or on pause. Where do I get this feeling from?

He: I don’t know, you’re the one who has it. Think deeply n let me know. Now that I’m curious to see what you see or to feel what you feel.

She: Ok!  I shall demonstrate to you the way I’m thinking by pictures, and I will try to explain how I see it. In this way, probably you’d understand what I meant.

Here’s what I’m talking about. Look at this painting, and see how it mingled with its background.

This is a kind of new technique, only recently started to appear. Evolution is there in the way of the waving and spreading of the brush with its matching colors.

He: I think I see what you’re trying to say. Sharing these photos with me, showed me some hidden side of you, I never thought of before now.

Oh! You’re so sentimental, so soft & tender!

Let’s go to our Question now, guys, it’s getting late, Ms. Petty, bye for now.


As for the video, it’s short, but very interesting; it included some of our latest topics and competition questions:

Now, I guess, we can go home, haha!

Happy Colombus Day! Have a great weekend. Enjoy yourself, and give us your big hugs, and kisses ❤

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