Pluto vs. Hatchi?!

Be Stoical with those who give you hard time, either they would leave, or taken away by a higher power! 😉 Welcome back dear friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Ghana, the UK, India, Canada, and Brazil! 😉

Tanja came running to me, saying that she found a nice movie to share with you. I welcomed that.

When she started telling me about the events of the movie, I instantly knew that I watched that movie with my son, and that we both liked it. Pluto

There was a similarity between that movie and Richard Gere’s move “Hatchi” where you  knew it was fake but it caught you by surprise even though you watched the trailer and read a few reviews about itB

by the end of the movie you were in tears absolutely broken down crying your eyes out, and saying that you probably haven’t shed a tear in many years for anything but you love dogs.

Hatchi, the dog was the friend of the professor, and it came from the nowhere, similar to Pluto, which also came out from the nowhere but it was to save a kid. StrayThe kid was a gorgeous boy whom you fall for immediately with all of your heart being denied the compassion of the father at that early age, and the simplest play-together role of his father.

Both dogs dies which was an extremely cruel thing to happen coz both were very loyal and super heroes for us. In the professor’s case there was no drama, no family problems or anything like that, but with Christian’s family, it was falling apart, and the kid had two younger sisters who suffered from their dad’s negligence as well.

The only real difference between the two movies was the ending of “Pluto- The Stray” when the dad appeared to be finishing his story as a writer, which left you with the question of : “Was it a story that the dad was writing all along, or he only succeeded in his endeavor in being a writer after that terrible experience he went through with his son and his neighbors’ kids?
The rating for that movie could be 4-stars or more, it all depends on your love to dogs 🙄

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Love each other, and stay away from trouble, be safe, and keep reading our interesting stories, which would take you places, you’ve never been to.

Until we talk again, get your inspiration with love, hugs, & kisses



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