Jury Duty?

Pay attention! When you find it, seize it! What is it? šŸ˜‰ First, welcome back friends and readers from the US, New Zealand, India, Uganda, Nigeria, and Ireland šŸ˜‰ Is it an opportunity to serve as a “Jury”? Well, it depends on your time. Some people find it hard to take few days off work, … More Jury Duty?

Judge Judy, 1Zumba!

Hello lovely friends/readers! Big thanks to the U.S., Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Germany, Slovakia, Ireland, Greece, Netherlands, Singapore,Ā the UK, Vietnam, Canada, New Zealand, Fiji, Croatia, n Turkey šŸ˜‰ My 1Zumba friend, when you’ve got problems in your kitchen, you can’t pretend that it didn’t exist! Life is not gonna stop of course, but there’ll be … More Judge Judy, 1Zumba!