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You know it, but you just forget about applying it, so figure out how to keep it refreshed in your mind; but first welcome our readers and friends from the US, India, Canada, Brazil, Slovakia, Spain, Croatia, Philippines, n Serbia 😉

How to Reset the Change Engine Oil Message:

The Aztek uses the GM Oil Life System to calculate when to change your engine oil and filter based on vehicle use. It is widely thought to determine oil life by counting engine revolutions. While there is much debate about the merits of such a system as a basis for Image result for change oil signdetermining when to change engine oil, the system should be reset after each oil change to ensure that the CHANGE ENGINE OIL message does not appear inappropriately.

There are two procedures for resetting the system, one for Aztek’s with a DIC (Driver Information Center) and one for Aztek’s without a DIC.

PROCEDURE 1: Aztek’s with a DIC

1. Turn the ignition to ON with the engine off. 2. Press the MODE button until the DIC reads “OIL LIFE LEFT/HOLD SET TO RESET” 3. Press and hold the SET button until 100% is displayed. You will hear three chimes and the CHANGE ENGINE OIL message (if Image result for change oil signilluminated) will go off. Repeat this procedure if the CHANGE ENGINE OIL message comes back on.

PROCEDURE 2: Aztek’s without a DIC 1. Turn the ignition to ON with the engine off. 2. Fully push and release the accelerator pedal slowly three times within five seconds. 3. Turn the key to OFF. If the CHANGE ENGINE OIL message continues to be illuminated, repeat the procedure.

Our topic is actually not about oil change at all, but it is about the interpretation for the words which are given in our manuals, and how to apply them to the machines we happen to have.

If you’re reading our topics, you would remember, we always emphasize that people are different, and that the degree of difference could be also very variant. The only part we Image result for Pontiac aztek silverleft out of this equation, was the interpretation of what we read. 

Right! It’s also completely different and varies from one person to the other. A good example was that oil change instructions. The Aztek was taken to Jiffy’s for an oil change, which they did, but the light in the car did not disappear. One of the technicians told the customer that the light would be gone by itself and not to worry.

When that didn’t happen, the car was taken to the nearest shop, asking for resetting its system, but the guy, after trying several times, suggested to be taken back to the original oil change station, saying that they should be able to do that; it’s their responsibility.

Fine, the car was taken again to Jeffi’s after trying with two more auto-shops, and their trials were unsuccessful as well. Then back to the main point of oil change, there were three guys, and none of them claimed that he was able to do it; on the contrary, the owner, even after showing them the car’s manual, they tried, so Image result for pontiac aztek drived by a ladydid the owner himself, but it was useless. The light kept coming back, after all those attempts.

Then came someone, Bob, who said: “we have that problem, coz once a worker is gone, he is gone along with his experience with cars like that”. The owner understood the situation, and almost gave up, but Bob, got into the car, and the owner stood on the other side, getting his head inside the car from the open window, reading loudly for Bob, what the manual said, on how to shut off that light, which was causing him Image result for happy lady at a mechanic shopheadache, since it appeared every time, he turned on his car.

Then when he came to the phrase: “Shut off the engine”, it occurred to him that the engine must be or should have been on, in order to be shut off, but according to the instructions, they were supposed to turn on the engine, without starting it up. In other words, the engine is on, but the ignition did not start. He re-read it one more time, how about if we had the ignition on, which Bob did.

“WHEEEh!” It worked!

It was all about the right interpretation for the given words, or that there was an error in the instructions, where it should said while the ignition is on, not off. Keep reading, and try to remind yourself of nice things you forget to do to yourself, and to others.

With our love, hugs, & kisses ❤

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