To Your Door!

Thank you friends for your interest to hear the story of Viki. Special welcome to readers from the US, Hong Kong SAR China, India, and Serbia 😉

My neighbor’s sister in low just kept asking when we would publish her story. So here we are, and here’s her story, which truly happened to her the way she mentioned.

Here’s what she said: “It was all destiny! I thought I would never get married, and that I would be another spinster in Oakland. Conversely, one day it just happened with no introductions as if all the luck in the world came to me in one single moment. Right. I felt that I got so lucky and I couldn’t believe myself, because for a long time I wanted to have Mr. Right, and I couldn’t find him.”

My neighbor Viki interrupted her winking at me, “Sophie I’ll tell exactly how it started, coz I was there inside looking from that window while all happened.”$1

“A postman just parked that special ups small vehicles which have to be driven while sitting to the right side following the European or British right anyway, since it was a cul-de-sac, his vehicle couldn’t get into the narrow front area of each house.

She was stepping into her front porch while suddenly heard and felt a step behind her. It was odd and she feared for her life. No-place was safe relatively any more. She turned around with her arm and leg up into his neck and belly. To his bad luck, she was practicing Karate in that nearby mall. Just for defending herself. Great!

The guy rolled down on his side then his back. his head hit the big rock on the side of the porch, and was injured badly. At that moment, she realized that uniform he wore. She screamed: “OMG! So so sorry. I don’t know what came to me? What was I thinking?” The guy didn’t utter a word. He was in a complete shock from the speed everything happened 😛

He put his hand on his head where his injury was and tried to open his eyes as if his vision was fuzzy. “Oh God!”, he said, “did I do anything wrong? soy sorry uttering with difficulty but apologizing. She stood there at loss, thinking what was the best thing to do to deal with that odd situation.”SophieChannelShe said sorry thousand times, then, she started crying. She thought that the postman would call the police. “It’s my bad luck. It’s not my day”, she continued sniffing her tears.

Finally she realized that she should help the guy to stand up or something, which she did after approaching him very slowly asking him with her eyes if that was ok for him. The guy was a bit taller than her with dark hair- pony tail style in his forties. He had wide Asian eyes with brown pupils, long eyelashes, some light mustache and beard.

His bag was on the ground with some envelopes scattered here and there. She tried to gather them with him, he waved to her, no worry I’ll do that. He sat on the rock pulling himself together, while she ran inside the place to bring some first aid stuff. She cleaned his injuries, and put some sanitizing liquid on it and a bandage. She sat on her porch which had a higher end at one side, and started telling that guy her life story, since she was born.”

Julie (the sister-in -low) said that was our fantastic start which changed my whole life. And my message to every girl is that one day Mr. Right will come right to your door!

We thank both Julie and Viki for sharing with us their story, and I hope you liked what they said. There’s always something nice in listening to others.

Until we chat again, here’s our kisses and hugs SophieChannel$1


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