Well, being brave is part of the key, but being instant respondent is the …. Welcome to our world everyone. Big thanks to the US, Hong Kong SAR China, India, and Serbia 😉

Is it a mythical beast? Is it unreal? Are you sure? Many of our kids think that a unicorn is real, while it is not.

Probably you heard about unicorns found in some Circuses, where a goat with one polished black horn growing straight from the center of his forehead. Some say that that was fusion for the goat’s horns in infancy. And yes, it is an operation that can be done for the goats without any pain, or so they say.Related image

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals show interest in knowing about any cases similar to that, to investigate and give their decisions or recommendations.

At the University of Maine, Dr. Franklin Dove in 1933 created one of the first unicorns by transplanting the horn buds of a day-old bull calf from the side of its head to the center.

In ancient days, hunters were convinced that unicorns felt appreciation for beauty Image result for circus circusand purity. They would have a virgin as a bait for hunting the unicorns. Many old stories were told about unicorns and their gentle nature.

I remember one time, in Las Vegas, at Circus Circus hotel, my daughter gained a wonderful white unicorn with light green tail and yellow horn. For a long time, she kept having it next to her when she went to bed. She had a deep passion to it. Nobody could ever take it away from her 😆

In a little bit, we’ll talk again about my friend’s sister-in-low romantic story with her postman.

Until then, keep browsing our entertaining topics list, you’ll find something that you misses, or a post you’ve never expected to be there, and more! With our love



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