Cactus Bay!

Welcome back dear friends and readers from the US, Germany, Ireland, India, Russia, Hong Kong SAR China, and Serbia 😉

It’s rare that you dislike plants. There is this natural warm sensation between you and plants. As if they knew you for a long time before even you were born. They are not strangers to you, and neither are you to them.

Image result for Morro bay cactus

Plants are remarkably well-suited to their environments, with special adaptations that allow them to survive. I remember the huge cactus in Morro Bay along the Central Coast in CA. It was unbelievably phenomenal to see that huge size of cactus there!

The image of the saguaro cactus is a familiar one. Its adaptations allow it to live  up to 200 years! It may only grow ten inches a year, but a full-grown ten inches a year, but a full-grown cactus can have a stem that is 12-18 meters tall. One long root extends deep into the ground to support it.

However , in the desert where it is a dry place, that deep root wouldn’t provide such a large plant with enough water. Instead, the cactus uses a network of shallow roots just under the ground. These collect water, which is stored in its stem. Folds along the stem allow it to expand, to take in more water during rare summer rains. In fact, when filled with water , a saguaro can weigh several tons.

Let’s have a break, and come back again to chat more, may be about a new invention, or a delightful situation.

Until then, here’s our hugs & kisses

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