Total Eclipse 2017

Everything you do has consequences! Good or bad, small or big, no matter how you would describe’m, you’ll see its consequences on you. Like what?! Welcome our readers to our world from everywhere; especially friends from the US, India, Ireland, Israel, Japan, and China 😉

After accidentally hearing this news, we decided to change the topic for today on our site. The reason is that it is such an important event in our recent history to happen, and also it’s only few days away left to be ready for it.

Total Eclipse

It’s about the total eclipse which will take place on August 21st of 2017. Since this eclipse only rarely happens, a lot of people are getting ready for many weeks now to watch such a spectacular event.

This happens once every 375 years!!!

I guess we wouldn’t live that long, haha! We better catch up with this one: See more. We would encourage all of you to watch it. It is a unique experience, and remember it only happens every 375 years, and some say it will never happen again, because the moon is changing its position. 🙄

As for the new invention. It’s in its way. Patience. In few moments, we will be back with your new invention.

Until then keep checking on our 7000 SuperStars, or send your recommendations for any friend, and stay close with our hugs & kisses


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