Moon Effects³!

Great to have you all fantastic friends with us today; especially new friends from the US, the UK, France, India, Canada, and all! 😉 As a continuation for your yesterday’s post, here’s why we think that lunar effects could extend to humans: The girl was in her early twenties and she was a very nice … More Moon Effects³!

Moon Effects²!

Being angry is good so long as you use its energy for achievement! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends form the US, the UK, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Thailand, Romania, Mexico, China, India, Singapore, and all! 😉 A lot was said about moon and its lunar effects on people and their behavior. Historically-speaking there has been … More Moon Effects²!

Total Eclipse 2017

Everything you do has consequences! Good or bad, small or big, no matter how you would describe’m, you’ll see its consequences on you. Like what?! Welcome our readers to our world from everywhere; especially friends from the US, India, Ireland, Israel, Japan, and China 😉 After accidentally hearing this news, we decided to change the topic … More Total Eclipse 2017