Red Windmill?

If it didn’t happen on time, you’d lose interest soon! Our thanks go to our readers and friends from the US and New Zealand 😉

The Moulin Rouge means the red windmill, so it makes sense having a red windmill over the top of that building in Paris, France. Right? 🙄

The Moulin Rouge is very interesting place founded in Paris, France  around the year 1889. It is considered one of France’s well-known landmarks, Known as an entertainment nightclub with most exotic dances.

Cheret MoulinRouge ParisCancan.jpgMany men have the Moulin rouge on their agendas to visit when they are in Europe, seeking pretty girls, and having a good time.

It was burnt and been idle for a period of time, then it was revitalized and renovation took place, and came back to life one more time.

The Moulin Rouge is a symbol of irresistible attraction to interested audience, having the beauty, the art, and the spectacular ladies’ performance going on all the time. Its reputation was built on being a lot of fun, but mostly for rich people rather than any other category.

Christina Aguilera & other singers, few years ago, had a song embodying the life of artists in that cabaret, and it was a successful act by all means. Angel reminded us of that song today, and we shared it on FB.

A movie was produced in the name of that nightclub and Nicole Kidman was its first actress, but it didn’t have a good luck. It was musical, I think.

Let’s figure out why we like it and first take a break. Until we chat again, stick around look for your key for inspiration, with our love and kisses


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