Really Plants Speak?!

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They don’t have eyes or ears but they can find their own food; they lack a brain but some scientists think they can communicate!
20 Best Plants for Cleaning Indoor Air 2021 | HGTVPlants actively respond to the nutrients and neat predators and the herbivores that are around them but not everyone believes there’s a social side to plants if you talk to a layperson about plant behaviors you’ll just think you’re crazy if you talk to a scientist they’ll think you’re crazy and wrong.
From nurturing their young to eavesdropping on their neighbors it seems plants are doing whoa yeah and saying quite a bit it’s the plants way of calling out for help we just need to listen.
 If you talk to just a layperson about plant behaviors you’ll just think you’re crazy if you talk to a scientist about plant behavior they’ll think you’re crazy and wrong and you can understand the skepticism out in the field.
House Plants GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHYObserving plant behavior is a little bit like watching paint dry unless of course you speed things up they may not swing from branches or gallop across the Savannah but plants do move and they do behave and one of the ways they behave is through growth
but does all of this growth really constitute behavior are the movements of plants in any way comparable to a fox when hunting for mice using every weapon in his evolutionary arsenal to find a meal and this plant is doing pretty much the same thing when an unsuspecting insect roams into a Venus.
Fly Trap, all it takes, is a brush with two of the plant strip hairs and the trap is sprung the buck is then slowly digested providing the plant with much needed nutrients unless of course a lucky victim manages to escape. For years we just assume that the flytrap was the exception that proved the rule plants don’t behave, it turns out we were wrong what people don’t know is that all plants are doing this.
All plants are not necessarily eating living organisms but they’re having elaborate behaviors above ground and below ground but they’re slower than the snapping of the flytrap or they are happening in the soil so we can’t see them but all plants are complex and all plants have complex feeding behaviors in fact every plant on earth is on a constant hunt for food including the light they need to photosynthesize.PlantsTalk
With the help of time-lapse cameras we can now enter their world and see how they do it climbing upward and tracking the Sun as it wheels across the sky but plants don’t just need light to thrive they also need nutrients food that lies in a hidden world that’s just below our feet as much as 80% of a plant’s total mass lives below the ground in a secret world scientists once called the black box but
With the aid of new technology we’re now exploring that world and discovering that when it comes to finding food plant roots are a lot more animal-like than we ever imagined not unlike this grizzly family who are busy foraging for berries and other edible plants so when an animal moves through the forest and its foraging for berries like a grizzly wood it will find a berry pouch and it will slow down and will spend more time there maybe walking without really going in a far distance the plants do something roughly similar to that back in his lab.
At the University of Alberta Cahill has been using this high-tech camera to explore the underground world of foraging plant roots some have even nutrients and some have patches of nutrients yeah so we have these grow boxes have been seeded with nutrient patches and Cahill and student Pamela Beltre have taken thousands of pictures.
Documenting how long it takes the roots to reach the nutrients and how they behave once they find them it takes long hours to review those images but the surprises are worth the wait we’re here still let’s go ahead a couple days whoa yeah so this is huge growth over three days this goes what to the sudden root growth confirms their suspicions almost three centimeters.

Over three days the growth rate of one root suddenly accelerates as it homes in on a nutrient patch then just as suddenly growth slows down while the root like the Grizzlies eats its fill roaming legs or multiplying growth cells the mechanism may differ but the foraging behavior is still the same the question is how do they do it how do plants find the food they’re looking for both above the ground and below it when they have no eyes no ears let alone no brain. More to come about plants.

Until we chat again, look forward for the next plant talk explanation. It’s interesting and useful to know, among other topics we have to inspire you, with our hugs and kisses
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