Marina Sands!

Get over your irrational jealousy, and use this energy towards your goals instead! 😉 Welcome our new friends, and welcome back our forever friends and readers from the US, India, Ghana, and Italy. 😉

We couldn’t wait to talk to you about this gigantic entity, which not only surprised us when we knew about it, but also would leave you all drop-jawed.

You don’t have to travel there to see its magical impression, but you can go there rather to experience it. It’s like living a dream!

We’re talking about the fabulous piece of art in the world of hotels, which was called “Marina Bay Sands” in Singapore!

The question is: “Is it affordable?” The answer is: “Not really”. It is similar to Disneyland when it was first opened. It was not affordable for everyone, and still it is not for some until today.

My students and I watched that short video about Marina Bay Sands leaving us in total amazement, where it went behind the scenes to see the immense number of employees, services, meals, parking, entertainment, and many other.marina.jpg

As you see in this photo, it is incredible! May be one day you can visit and live the dream! 🙄 Who wouldn’t wish to see it, I wonder.

Until we chat again, keep roaming with our topics and with our hugs and kisses

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