Under da Tree!

“A hair on fire” that is what you need, and from where can you get it? It’s just here! Welcome new friends and readers from everywhere; especially the US, the UK, New Zealand, Spain, Ireland, and Mexico 😉

Where shall we start?

I think the best start is the good news, then the other good news. Right? 🙂  Here they are:

ClearSky Sophie.png. An unexpected call from a friend expressing that s/he missed you.

. A job offer that you received unexpectedly.

. A good meal you had although you thought you wouldn’t like it.

. A cup of coffee that never was as exact as that.

. A drink you taste for the first time: healthy yet tasty.

. An old pal you never expected to see again.

. A son that you missed but your pride made you not asking to see.

. A wish that you forgot about and suddenly it happened.

. A rank that you thought you’d never get, but the phone rang telling you had it.

. An amount of money you just had it, without pursue, it came to you.

. A someone’s care that followed no matter where you go.

. A smile that meant a lot to you saying that you were right.

. A greeting from a totally stranger but on the right time.

. An invitation to be an anchor for an event you wouldn’t have it  even in your dreams.

. An endless number of fans/friends who appreciated you but they were hard to see.

. A blue clear sky in a sunny day and cool breeze gazing at the sea from under a tree!

These are some examples of good news and of course there is more. Have you ever thought about the things in life that makes you real happy from the bottom of your heart? If you did, I bet they are going to be far simpler than what you can imagine, and the reason is that life is simple and we are the ones who make it complicated.

I love you all, guys. Stay with us and dig deeper to get into the right mode for great inspiration. Our topics will give it all to you.

Until we chat again, be happy with our kisses and hugs



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