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Wow! This is so niche!  Oh! My dear readers and friends from everywhere in our vast world. I can see you there waiting for our words, which is so much great for us to know. Thanks to all of you from the US, India, the UK, Canada, Lithuania, n Germany 😉

How are you my dear 1Zumba friend, where are you today? I just wonder, what you do, what you’re wearing, how you invest your time, coz I know that we’re alike, in many ways 😉

Margret, 1Zumba friend, and a realtor in Pleasant Hills, CA, surprisingly expressed her astonishment of us having to write on a daily basis, saying: “how does it come to you? How do you do it, I can learn? She continued, “For me to write a paragraph about one of our properties, it takes me ages to do that. Does it come that easy to you being a writer, a teacher, or an educator? Pls , tell me your secret?”

I thought about it for a second, then my first reaction was “No”, it’s not easy at all!

It is a continuous endeavor of thinking processes trying to find a good idea, a viewpoint, or something that somehow would inspire me to write . It could be a situation I am reacting to, or a question opened the door for research. It could be a complaint sent to me by one of my students, or by someone who needed recommendation for something.

It could be a picture I noticed in a magazine, or in the street, while leaving early morning, or driving back home. It could be a TV commercial, news I heard over the radio, and I went on and on forever. OMG! I never thought that my friend’s simple question would bring all of this to my mind.

So, now you see Margret! It has become a whole subject!

Plsnt Hills2.jpg
Yesterday, it was a day off for me, but I had to run plenty of errands. While moving around, I was contemplating about all these beautiful natural views. I asked myself why don’t we take the time to enjoy and appreciate all that special merit around us?

The green trees everywhere, although there was a human touch to it, yet it was still very lovely to see that kind of natural plants.

Plsnt Hills, CA.jpg
I took some photos, I’d love to share it with all of you, but anyway, my answer to my question was that we no longer take the time to see the nature’s beauty, coz we are busy most of the time. We are bombarded by millions of new inventions, ideas, or trivia. We are racing to get along with few of them, that were totally imposed on us.

We did not have a say about them. Like what? One good example is the Apps, although some of them could be useful, but there’re hundreds of really abusing apps. You buy a product, and they impose on you to download the app in order to be able to use the product, which is ridiculous.

Why? Because the truth of the matter is, if the info in the App is given to you printed in a manual, this could have been better and saving A LOT of your wasted time. I wonder if there is any supervising body for those Apps & their real usefulness for people?!!!

pls h.jpg
The other point, which is raised by one of my co-workers, 1Zumba friend, Reilly B. He said: “We are invaded by humongous companies, so that our brains would only see what they want us to see; nothing else”. I asked him to elaborate, so he said: “The old traditional invasion via troops, and military conquer is now an old fashion. The smart way now is to invade people’s minds.”

I agree, while he continued: “it’s no longer the same way it used to be in the past. England is no longer attacking other countries, and taking their lands, by force, as it used to be.” I asked: “Why don’t you give me an example?”

He said: “Oh! Example! All right, I go to my school, I find a poster saying: Fundraising- The Blue Nose 4 a Good Cause, Great! When & where, etc.. I go online to my school website, I see the same ad again. I open my TV, I find it in the commercials, I drive back home I see the sign is stuck to my window shield. Then, I find out that the whole campaign is sponsored by such and such company which is not affiliated with our school, community, or even our country. It’s totally a foreign company. How weird this is?!”

Reilly exploded with his face turned into many colors: “They are invading our minds, in our own homes. There are millions of similar things that are going on everywhere, but the issue is that there is no law, which can prevent such an activity. On the contrary, in some cases, it is totally endorsed since it is supposed to be for a good cause.”

plsnt Hills1.jpg

Going back to nature, my dear 1Zumba friends,  may be you do not have the moments to enjoy the beauty around you, coz your mind is busy as Reilly said; but even if your mind is not busy, sometimes you can’t see it coz you don’t have the right mood to appreciate the beauty around you.

The right mood for cheerfulness, energy, & love doesn’t come easy to you. You wouldn’t have a button to press, so you can get yourself into that mood. You see how precious these moments are! Appreciate them when you have them! And if you had plenty of them, be thankful for many others don’t have them

Coming to our closing point, give me a big hug, and hang on there, until we chat again in a little bit 

Just a little bit 😆

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