1Zumba, Lottery Winner!

Dear current or new friends, writers, readers, followers, or others from anywhere in our great Earth, especially from the US, the UK, Greece, Germany, Slovakia 😉

It has been such a wonderful day here in CA, USA; sunny, clear sky, slight breeze, n green natural views everywhere around us, while having a wonderful a”Walk & Talk ” in downtown Concord, around its District Park, n the specially vast blocks surrounding it. We decided that we can have this once a month. It’s nice  to socialize while walking, & you can bring your pet with you if you have one, coz it’s merely walking, not jogging, or hiking. Haha!

My dear 1Zumba friend, I know that you’ve been waiting for our post, but you didn’t give me a hint lately that you’ve read all of it. I’d love to hear it from you, as you know, coz yo are very special 😉

We received a financial question recently from Vickie K., 1Zumba friend, asking how to tell her friends or relatives that she does not have to bail them our financially, after she won the lottery 😀

So we had a brief meeting among our team, to discuss this question, and to hear the answers given. Tom S. suggested: ” Say: I would  love to help you out , but we have our own situations to address, and it will be years before they are all resolved.” 

Brenda, on the other hand, said: I would want to share my good fortune with them, but I don’t think they should expect that. If they kept hinting or asking, I would probably take them off my list and tell them that I planned to donate to other good causes.”

George interfered, proposing : “If any of them helped me in times of need, either financially or otherwise, I will tell them that I can help them in an emergency with some money; otherwise, they do not need an explanation.”

Easy come, easy go.
Raquel raised up her hand: “I think you just said it, such people deserve no further explanations as to your plans. But be prepared to with stand the anger, rude behavior, and manipulation that are likely to come your way. ‘I’m sorry is enough'”

Lee cut them off, “Try to avid all money conversations. A friend will get the point and move on! A false friend will not.”

Lot win
“While technically you’re right, why not use this as an opportunity to share your good fortune? Tell them you plan to give money to charity, and give each of them a one-time-gift, with the same exact amount for each of them,” Gel stated loudly

After all these deliberations, one must say that there has been a lot of truth about how each one of our team would handle a situation like this, and I think clarity is the key for a good solution.

Thus, if you won a lottery, or gained a fortune, you must be clear. You, definitely, do not want to their nagging  hope. Be open about  your plans for not sharing. You can say that you truly care about them, but that you do not want this money to hurt your relationship with them . If someone accused you of being stingy, you can say everyone has the right to decide for herself/himself, and emphasize that your’re sticking to your plans.

We’ll be back with you in a short while, just hang on there, an send your comments; we’re waiting for you, to talk to us, always.

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