From Netherlands & Thailand!

You’ll feel you’re free only when you get rid of everything that tries to contain you! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, Qatar, Australia, the UK, South Africa, Finland, Ecuador, and Germany! 😉

Your world is full of wonders. You’ve seen some, you have no idea about some, and you can’t imagine that some exist in the first place.

Terry chose one picture to share with you: It is hard to speculate what this building is. When Terry saw it for the first time, she thought that it was a temple but it was but it was in reality a museum in Netherlands.

Qatar Airways

The second one is shared by Patty; it is from Thailand: 

The shape of the building looks like a fingerprint, which makes it look like a maze. Really beautiful.

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=Buildings amaze you every single day, coz there is always new ideas in your human mind. With every new day, there is one new idea that floats up all the way to the surface to prevail other minor ideas. For some reason, it comes to reality to be shared by all of us.  

SeaBear SmokehouseUntil we chat again about another odd building, send us a picture that you consider weird or unseen before. Check up on our posts; the ones you’ve already missed would get you the utmost inspiration as usual, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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