For many people, 1Zumba has begun to be a lifestyle. It’s no longer just dancing, exercising, seeking fitness, or losing weight. It stretched out its wings far more beyond that, to become a social phenomenon.

Yes, Zumba spreads quickly among people, as if someone is spraying a perfume, and people keep hanging up to it, for some reason or another. That is why it is good to analyze its drift, its strength, and to set up a model based on our findings for future generations.

In order to do this, we need to know why people are in love with Zumba, why people join Zumba classes in large numbers, and what makes it such a big deal for many, including not only kids, adults, men, women, youth, but also seniors.

Isn’t it amazing to see all these folks going non-stop exactly for the same direction? Isn’t it fantastic to see that people are irresistibly attracted to Zumba by some kind of unknown force, whether it was their needs or feelings? Where does this come from? What drives people nuts like this? It reminds me with the kids’ story “The Pied Piper”, who was followed by all the children when he used a certain melody. So, who is behind this revolution? Where did Zumba emerge from? When did it start? How it is handled or dealt with? And most importantly, why this extreme zeal for it?!

All these questions and more came to my mind every single time I attended a class of Zumba. Guess what I found out? ! (10/4/2015)

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