Wow! Great Day! Welcome back fellows! How wonderful to talk to your friends! As usual, our thanks for readers, bloggers, writers, friends, followers, students, teachers, and all other categories from the US, Germany, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Jordan, Tunisia, Serbia 😉

When did you know that you are interested in doing what you’re doing, my 1Zumba friend? The reason I’m asking is that four of my co-workers, recently expressed that they could have done something else with their lives, but it was too late for them to change their path.

Image result for co-workersTo all of them, I’m saying it is never too late to start (something different). One day I was in the Emirates, where I met that wonderful handsome physician. We got a chance to drink a cup of coffee together.

He was so quite with himself, so satisfied with everything around him. Until this day, I remember his bashful smiling face. He told me that before being a physician, he was a Image result for boxer athleteboxer, like Mohammad Ali, and that after the age of forty, he decided to change his career.

After taking a break for few weeks, he determined that the only other job he would like to have and enjoy was treating people’s ailments. I forgot the reason behind that though.

He began applying for medical schools, and he was able to get a grant for one school, and he graduated at the age of 47.

Isn’t it interesting, how fate leads us to fulfill our legend on Earth?

He became a physician and started travelling all over the world from one country to the Image result for physicianother, seeing different cultures and people. He was so relaxed with what he accomplished.

He concluded his story with that: “Once you know what would make you happy, (as long as it is reasonable), go for it, embrace it, and enjoy it”. 

Others will enjoy you more when you are in that state of mind- relaxed with yourself.

Bill, 1Zumba friend, commented: “We can’t change our destiny”. It is true, but at least you do your best in getting there.

Love you all, guys. Stay connected with us. We are here for you. Our kisses & hugs are with you all the time ❤


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