Killed or Not?

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Alexander the great inherited his father’s kingdom in 336 B.C. when he was only 20 years old. Because of his belief in that he was the son of all Gods at that time, he was unsatisfied with getting his throne as an inheritance. He wanted to earn it. 

Right after his climbing up to the special royal chair, he started conquering Egypt, Syria and other regions without real battles. The people whom he invaded were poor and weak. Still he was unhappy, he wanted more!

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What he was after was glory and victory, and he couldn’t get them for some reason. A number of history books mentioned that he was not satisfied even after his invasion to many regions in the East or the West. 

His death came at a young age (349 B.C.) and was debatable since some said that he was killed and others said he got sick to death. Few mentioned that followers wanted to keep some good image for him after he was killed, since they wanted to call him the undefeated king, but if he was killed, it meant that it was the ultimate defeat!

Who knows what really had happened? No-one, I guess.

Thank you for being here. We’ll chat more later on, stay cool with our hugs and kisses


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