This or That?

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Cleopatra is the most famous female ruler in history. Her beauty was well recorded. However, it was her intelligence and cunning that made her so powerful.

It is said that Cleopatra spoke a number of languages. She was only 18 when she became Egypt’s ruling Queen. At that time Egypt was facing famine and war which she external image cleopatra-coin.jpghandled pretty well and bringing back its former glory.

Laws dictated that Cleopatra rule with a brother or a son. She did not. All attempts to oust her from the throne failed. Coins had her image, rather than her brother’s. No other female ruler had been strong enough to do that. Cleopatra bonded Egypt with Rome, when she carried Caesar’s a son.

When Caesar was assassinated, Marc  Antony became her lover, and when Marc Antony left his wife for Cleopatra and  she gave birth to the twins, his wife’s brother, Octavio, became enraged. 

History said that Cleopatra took her own life using a serpent, instead of being taken prisoner by Octavio.

There has been a lot of literature around Cleopatra’s life and death. Movies took various stands when it come to Rome & Egypt; some liked to claim that the upper hand was to Cleopatra or Egypt, while others portrayed it as if Rome was the higher in command.

Whether it was this or that, they both had their own  great times, but the movie’s image of Cleopatra was not the real one.

Probably, we can talk more about this, so until then, here’s our hugs and kisses


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