Pregnancy & Weight Gain!

Don’t we all love it? I can say the majority, but first welcome to our world, dear readers and friends. It’s a new day with new ideas, right? Thank you the US, New Zealand, India, Croatia, Greece, the UK, Canada, and Romania 😉

We are asked about pregnancy, how it affects the weight of the mother, and how fast she should lose weight after delivery.

Related imageFirst let me tell you something, whatever you  read in books or in any other source about pregnancy is not what is going to happen to you. Each one is different. What applies to you it might not apply to someone else.

I remember that I read a lot of books about pregnancy once I knew I was expecting a baby, but there were plenty of things I learned from the real thing; plenty of issues that were not mentioned in books or papers, so be ready for your own special experience and enjoy it. 🙄

As for the expected weight during pregnancy, it should be about 20 pounds. It might be less or more, it all depends on your circumstances.

Freaking out about my weight gain!!

I am 25 weeks and am freaking about my weight gain now I was told by my doctor my whole pregnancy I can only gain 20 pounds total due to my overweight I just weigh myself and gain A total of 12 pounds. How much have You ladies gained at 25 weeks? My doctor warned me weight gaining on the second trimester! 😰

How long it would take you to lose the weight you gained will depend on many factors:
. Eating healthy food.
. Following a diet.
. Nursing your baby.
. Exercise.
. Sleep.
. Routine & work.

Other questions about pregnancy we will address in our next post.

Until then, here’s our hugs and kisses ❤


. Food for expecting mothers. 

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