Forget It?

Pregnancy topic’s continuation is tomorrow, but today this dialogue should be better. How about saying hello first to our readers and friends from the US, New Zealand, Ireland, and India 😉

-What now, love?

-What do you want me to do?

-I have no idea.

-Well, I know a bar downtown, would you join me for a drink n we can chat a little bit?

-I don’t feel like going out. I feel like staying home tonight, having some hot cocoa, and watching a classic movie in bed. A lot of weird things going on.

-I can give you company and watch the movie with you.

Image result for movie small crimes

-Sure! You’re welcome; I have  some nuts or popcorn if you like to have some n also I have a bottle of red wine, if this is what you were going to have in the bar.

-Good idea. I’m staying. Let’s have the movie, which one we’ll watch?

-I’ll check what’s new on Netflix. Good! I found one, it’s called “Small Crimes“, what do you think?

-Yep! Give me one second to get our wine and carrots. 

-All right, thanks!

-What happened to decent movies?

-I’m not sure. What made them think that people would accept that a dad kill his only son/man, for any reason whatsoever? And with a knife? What a horrible ending?

-It’s just another cheap movie. Don’t think about it. Just let it be as if it didn’t exist, or it didn’t happen to us. Forget about it. I know that you’re going to talk about it forever. a word of advice, forget it!

-Remember that “Laura” movie, when there was a model killed by a rifle, they didn’t even show part of the body or the blood or anything, and it still was a great movie, where’s decency gone?

-I know, shame on that!

Until we chat some more. Good night with our love and kisses ❤


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