She Did Not!

Here we go again, as we promised, thank you readers and friends from everywhere for coming to our page 😉

In an interview, the interviewer asked M.: “You’ve mentioned a lot of hobbies in your resume, music was one of them, can you talk about music?”

She said sure. It was an unexpected question or it was one of the expected ones but M. was not well-prep for it. She said: “I like all kinds of music, especially Jazz. I Image result for piano drawingplayed the piano when I was five yrs old. I used to have a piano lesson twice a week at home by a an Italian lady, who was a very nice piano teacher. When I grew up I continued playing in the middle school n high school, but afterwards I stopped, because there was not enough time or I got more engaged with other activities, and I moved away from my parents place to somewhere else where there was no piano…”  

She continued talking, but  she was not focused on the main point which the interviewer asked her about: “music”. 🙄

She should have taken a moment to arrange her thoughts: She started very well by mentioning that she liked all kinds of music. That was the carpet. Then she should have added the chairs, the couch, or any other pieces on the carpet, unless she wanted to sit on the carpet itself.

She did not! She turned into something else although related to music, which was Image result for piano drawingplaying the piano, and her phases of practicing the piano. It was definitely related but the focus was lost, or was gone.

She could have mentioned afterwards that although music had many genres, Jazz came to her as one on the top of all others; or that classic music was her top on the list of all kinds of music she listened to; or that she had equal love for country music and rock music,   etc..

Then she could have given examples of few singers or songs in that genre that she gave it priority over others, and why she liked them.

Closing would be about music again in general, and how it greatly affects people’s lives. That was my criticism to that interview, in spite of the fact that nobody could ever predict how s/he would do during it, no matter how well prepared for it. Things could happen.

Meredith, you did well, and I think if you didn’t pass that interview, there will be many others, prep is the key to pass, unless the interviewer is looking for something else in addition to your verbal skills. Thank you for asking us our opinion.

Until we chat again, answering a question related to pregnancy, here’s our hugs and kisses ❤


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