Bring It Up, 1ZumbaBaby!

Thank you for coming to our world. How wonderful to have all of you from the US, Finland, Spain, Denmark, Canada, France, Philippines, Australia, Lithuania, n Germany 😉

Dear 1Zumba friend, bring it up, you know you can do it! We all believe in your talent, so never give up. Patience can take you everywhere you want. 😀

Our competition’s question no. 99 is:


Sarah, 1Zumba friend,  told me she forgot her ex-boyfriend, but she only see him in her dreams, haha! I don’t think that she forgot him at all!

Why do we tend to torture ourselves with accumulating unwanted memories? Because we can’t do anything about it. It’s not in our hand to control our memories, or can we?

One very unique invention says that scientists were able to invent a a mind-reading machine that visualizes your thoughts, claiming:

“We can take someone’s memory… and pull it out from their brains.”


If you think your mind is the only safe place left for all your secrets, think again, because scientists are making real steps towards reading your thoughts and putting them on a screen for everyone to see.

A team from the University of Oregon has built a system that can read people’s thoughts via brain scans, and reconstruct the faces they were visualizing in their heads. As you’ll soon see, the results were pretty damn creepy.

Image result for inventions worldLife brings us new inventions every single moment. There is no end for new creativity of human being. This is one good reason to appreciate humans more than dogs & cats, don’t you think so?

Bring it up, baby. Talk about it. It’s vital to be known by everyone, on our beautiful Earth!

Until we talk again about another new invention, I remind you of getting ready to send your answers for our competition. You’ve got our address, as well as our email under contacts tap. Good luck 😀

Our kisses & hugs for all of you 😉

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