Ready for Your Picture?

Many times you’ll be holding tightly to memories that would give you the utmost comfort! 😉 It’s great to be here with all of you, friends from the US, Germany, Mexico, Italy, the UK, Nigeria, Philippines, India, Canada, Trinidad Tobago, Australia, and Cambodia! 😉

Some events of life will hit you on the head, and your best solution would be to continue writing! 🙂

Life can be drawn in chapters. Each of its chapters (phases) will be like a background screen, which you’d keep shifting, one after the other, according to how you want your picture to be, or for what reason you want it, in the first place. Ambiguity is for your protection coz if you were to know what’s coming, perplexity might be your ending point. 😮Related image

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the professional photographer when she would have you seated on that rounded stool, and her camera would be focused onto your face to get the right picture for your business or passport. She would decide about the background after asking you the purpose of your photo. Then she would pull the suitable screen behind your back.

It’s simple for her to do that, but for you to do that after each chapter of your life is never that easy. Sometimes, you don’t want to change the background, you may want to keep it forever, but it’s not always in your own hands. Life has it’s own plans for you! 

GeekstoreWhen one of our team has to leave for another job or another location it feels this way. When Peter said goodbye to us, each one in our group gave a smile but it was not really a full smile, it was rather like “Ok! Good luck, who knows what will happen, or may be we will see you again” Yep, Sandy said, it was like a combination of feelings and disturbed emotions for some reason.

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“Being part of a team gives you some kind of stability even if you have your own differences and disagreements, there is still this kind of togetherness where somehow everything is going to be ok by the end of the day”, Anna commented.

Qatar Airways

Northwest Smoked SalmonThere is always a lot to be said. Either you’re saying it to yourself, or you’re saying it to someone else. There is a dialogue going on and you’re acting according to it. 

We’re still working on the posts’ list, it will probably take few more weeks in order to get into its last shape; especially after the fact that some of our videos were missed, but we’re working on that too.

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Not sure why this is happening though. The other day I lost some of the pictures I had on my cell phone. It was supposed to have a back up which also disappeared. I thought that technology would keep everything for us forever, but it seems that it is not the case.

Mimi thinks of having her own business, and we all encouraged her to do that, but she has to have at least part of the cost of Are you dreaming of a candlelit, nature inspired wedding with a touch of glam? Fitting virtually any budget, My Wedding Favors offers a wonderful selection of rustic and chic wedding decorations and wedding favors for you to choose from.establishing that business. It’s mot as easy as many would think. However, it’s a good idea if you have studied well your project and had a good feasibility studies for it.

Gary told us a story about some people who are detained in a compound where they are forced to change their faith. Gary mentioned that people can be tortured until they comply with their government. Are we going back to the dark Ages or what?! What kind of gov would do that? Only mentally disturbed ones, Gary said.

Now, it’s time to sit for your picture, no matter what you will use it for, make sure that you’re sitting standstill for the screen, behind your back, to be changed!

Until we chat again, cheer up with our laughs and jokes posts, it will give a funny inspiration with our hugs and kisses ❤

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