Mimi’s 1Z!

Welcome welcome our fantastic smart friends and visitors. Thank you for coming to our page today. We miss you all the time. Our deep thanks to our friends in the US, Slovenia, Canada, Moldova, Nigeria, Spain, Mexico, n India ūüėČ

Yesterday I went to a restaurant in Concord, CA called Mimi’s cafe. It’s not that kind of high class restaurant, or five star ones, but it’s, what we can call, a decent place, a bit higher than fast food places.

It’s not the first time that I go there but in other cities, coz it’s a chain restaurant. The difference between one and another is the service, and the setting. Usually, there is a bar, and a lounge area, two or three sections where people can sit to tables of two, three, or more.

The basket of fresh French bread that is served for every table once you are there is very convenient, coz if you’re really hungry, you can start taking few bites with butter.

  • Denise K.,¬†Walnut Creek, CA, said: “This place has a great selection of food and it is prepared very well. ¬†The wine is affordably priced and is very good. ¬†With salads, you get a huge muffin – a great breakfast for the next day. ¬†The place is comfortable and friendly.”

But the reason you have to go is Carol, one of the waitresses.  She is amazing!  You will have a warm greeting and service that matches your needs.  She anticipates what you want and delivers.  No one waits for anything.  My group meets there once a month and we are thrilled that she is always our waitress.  It makes the evening so much more special.  Check it out and ask to be seated in her section.

Some people were unhappy about that place, writing bad reviews about it, and when I went there I understood why. Here’s what Jessica says:

“This restaurant has really worsened in quality of food and customer service thorough the years. I first visited Mimi’s Cafe in Southern California. My first few experiences at this restaurant was wonderful, fresh soup and warm bread quality food and great service.”

Fast forward to present day and it’s the polar opposite. There is no French motif in the food unless you describe French food as overly doused in sugar and tooth achingly sticky marmalade.

I didn’t like the way the menu was written, and usually when that happened to me, I’d know that I’d be less satisfied in advance, coz the menu represents the business, if you neglect it, you’d be neglecting the whole business- your main image.

Other than Mimi’s, I like to enjoy home, and when it’s really getting hot, I enjoy the swimming pool more of course. Haha!¬†

The only thing I sometimes really try to avoid is laundry. If I had to do it, I would ūüėē

People no longer listen to what you are telling them when you are in stores, so pay attention to that, and repeat what you are saying as many times and you can otherwise you will be ending up o paying for something that you didn’t ask for?!!

A number of websites for free legal advice, promote their site, saying ask any questions, and our experts will answer you promptly.

So I tried to do this with one of them. To my surprise, the answer I got was saying: “By submitting this question, you are not following the terms of this sit.” What is that! I never read any terms or guidelines. I was sent a promo to ask a question, which I did. Haha! Poor people! We have to live with this……? ūüė°

Thank yo for being with us today, and we will resume in few moments, to talk about more incidents that took place in that bank I told you about in earlier edition. Stay cool, n give me your kisses ‚̧

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