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Do you know, I still remember the hard cover British reading book we used to have in ourĀ middle school. The cover was strips of white & purple, n in the middle, right under the title of the book, hand-drawn picture of a sea vessel, similar to pirate vessels, and that was in Ā black pencil-like type of drawing.

I’m not sure what brought this to my mind now, but having that image imprinted in my mind, is something that is always amazing me. How beautiful our memories are!Ā 

The Creator gave it all for us for free!

Let’s have our Competition Question No. 45, then continue afterwords:

1Z- Q45.jpg

Once, I was a bank teller, and during that time, I encountered many unexpected incidents. Few of them I had fun with, while others were pushing me to resign as quickly as I could. One thing most of them (employees in that bank) had in common, n I couldn’t figure out how they became like that.

They had a long list for birthdays of everyone who was working in that branch. It was a small branch, not like those big hectic branches. When a management member had her /his birthday, a celebration would take place, while if tellers had theirs, if they remembered to say “Happy Birthday”, it would be great.

Anyway, I couldn’t have the double standard they had, so I decided to treat all of them the same way, & brought each one a present on her/his birthday. The surprise was that they were so surprised that I was doing that. It was seen as if I didn’t use enough classification for people who worked there.

That was how I felt. Co-workers were grateful in a way for getting presents in their birthdays, but it was still seen by managers as: “How could you break our code of …..(whatever they wanted to call it) which was absolutely weird for me. In my own mind, people are equal. That is how we were born!

When I’m thinking now about how I was so patient with all those unpleasant situations, I feel proud of myself. I feel proud coz I survived against the high tidesĀ of profiling people, or classifying them.

I feel even prouder that I didn’t bow down and adapt those sneaky attitudes or behaviors. I respect myself, and that is why I couldn’t do it. Of course, I had to leave, but with no regrets. I moved on, for better places, and healthier workplaces.

How about you, did you have to be sneaky to get to the upper ladder, or where you able to remain in your garment, without the need to imitate or hire those ugly habits?

Let me hear from you guys. Your comments,Ā engagement,Ā responses, & questions areĀ greatlyĀ appreciated. Let’s talk together. Let’s understand each other more. Let’s think before we talk, let’s think before we react. Let’s help each other. Let’s be good to each other. This is what our beautiful world need the most

Until we talk again about more interesting stories that happened in that bank, give me your biggest hug & love ā¤

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