1Zumba, Heaven Sent!

Dear friends & readers, welcome to our page. We are happy to have you with us, especially from the US, Mexico, India, Slovenia, n Belgium 😉

We have our Question No. 46 from our Competition, and we have other points as well. Remember that we constantly save no effort in bringing in, at least, one bit of new info for you, that would keep up on top of things happening in our small world.

My dear 1Zumba friend, I hope you missed us the way we miss you. I’m getting ready for our next challenge. Oh! I haven’t told you, it’s always a challenge, and the drive for a challenge is what keeps it going on like this. Got it?!

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Our Question No. 64 is:

1Z- Q46

The second good news is that now, I’ve officially become a Realtor & successfully joined one of the top agencies in the Real Estate Industry- Berkshire Hathaway Home Services- so if you are in the Bay Area, CA, I would be happy to help you buy/rent your own place in the Bay Area.

Another incident during the time I worked a bank teller, was that Korean girl, who was graduated from high school, and thought that she was smarter than everybody else.

She was a supervisor, then demoted to a supervisor assistant due to her negligence with the bank safe, leaving it open, until the following day. 

Nevertheless, due to her seniority, they did not fire her, and also she had a loan to pay for the bank.

That was one way to keep a job. But she pissed off many of the people she worked with, coz she was so arrogant, while she was extremely dummy.

When I told my best friend’s mother about her, and how she kept saying that girls of her country were smarter than any other girl. B., my 1Zumba best friend’s mother said, “this is the most dummy thing  I’ve ever heard, in my whole life!”

She was married to a school bus driver, and she was offering his services to everyone.  She had little baby, not handled the right way at all. I’m not sure what was smart about that. I mean any average person, could be that level of achievement.

The worst thing  she did, I would tell you in our next post. 🙂

Oh! Before we go for a break, this is Heaven Sent. You’d love it. Bur it’s quite scary, so be prepared for the action:

Here’s my hugs and kisses, I’ll talk to you soon, guys. Just stay as you are, check on our previous posts, may be you’ve misses a few, haha ❤

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