Greet Veterans!

Because of the deeds your own hands brought, it’s gonna be a lovely day! 😉  Welcome back dearest friends and readers from the US and Germany! 😉

You still have more elements related to “Comments” post regarding the reasons Cashmere in Lovewhy some of you refrain from participating or engaging with your liked topics online. Also, Bonnie has some news of her own to share, but let’s first remember the “Veteran’s Day” and say “Thank You” to dear beloved people who risk their lives for us.

If you were one of our Veterans, pls accept our gratitude and share anything you’d like with all of us. We are all ears to anything you’d like to say. And, if you had someone in your family who is or was a Veteran, pls take the time to listen to that person. Encourage your Veteran to talk about any experience. 

It’s very hard to talk about trauma, and you don’t have to succeed. Trying is fair enough; sometimes it is some military secrets. You’re only trying to give a relief for someone who has a heavy burden. 

And one more time, thank you Veterans. Reach out to us if you want to talk.

As for Bonnie, a student in one of our Berkeley schools, she showed us a picture of the store she used to work at as a part time job, and she was discharged due to liquidation.

The store was empty and abandoned. It felt creepy but we encouraged her to look for another job, since this is a good season for hiring, with all these employer approaching the New Year and the Holidays season.

Your last part today is about our previous post since Adriana said that it is a live example of your fear of getting engaged in posts related to politics, although it was a brief one, but still there’s fear in the hearts of people when it comes to revealing how they see politics and politicians.Geekstore

Until we chat again,  greet Veteran every time you see one, blend with our topics getting your best shook inspiration, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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