Who Pays What?

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Do you know that you pay for political campaigns?moneyforcampaign

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Have you ever thought of how much does a political campaign cost? Or, how do presidential campaigns cost?

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The 2016 Election. At the time, many estimates for the presidential election in 2016 said it would cost at leastĀ $3 billion; some even put the number as high as $10 billion. AtĀ $2.4 billion, it fell a bit short of that, but was still a staggering amount.

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Under the presidential publicĀ fundingĀ program, eligible presidential candidates receive federal governmentĀ fundsĀ to pay for the qualified expenses of theirĀ political campaignsĀ in both the primary and general elections.

If the Fed government is paying for all campaigns, would that mean that this money comes from the taxes the public pay?

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