Presidents’ Day’s Qs?

You’d be surprised to see how your world is full of ostentatious entities! 😉 Hello everyone! Our thanks to the US, Australia, South Africa, Spain, Bangladesh, India, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, and Armenia 😉

Since today’s the “Presidents Day”, there has been some questions raised by your smart students in class, teachers!SophiePresidentDay.jpg

Hence, it’s the perfect time to reveal some of them for all of you, and you decide about their answers:

. Why do we celebrate the “Presidents’ Day” and have a day off ?”
. Which countries celebrate their presidents like ours?
. Are presidents higher-rank humans?

. What is the logic behind celebrating presidents if some of them were crooks?
. What if presidents represent other hidden larger powers that rule the world?
. What if people no longer want to have a holiday for presidents and want something else that see it more worthy of celebration?

Other questions are asked but we see that this is suffice for your attention today, just for the sake of light politics 🙄

Until we chat again, keep topics section in mind, and get your instant inspiration, with our hugs and kisses

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