Goodbye 2018!

Relax from time to time. It fortifies your nerves! 😉 Hello everyone! Thanks for being here tonight dearest friends from the US, Canada, Germany, India, and Italy! 😉 

Gala, Rhonda, and I met at the Library two days ago. It was splendid to see the new books and the new library activities. We admired all the dynamics that was going on by everyone in there.Qatar AirwaysColtorti BoutiqueOne of my favorite section was the children’s corner. I think you’d like it too if you saw how fabulously it was decorated. One particular book drew my attention. First it was the drawing on its cover, then it was the way its writer put his words for kids. It was full of fun though I should admit for children to read.

The book is called “A Funny Thing Happened on The Way to School …” which is a bit Image result for davide cali a funny thing happenedlong for a title, regardless, it was a fun book by Davide Cali and Benjamin Chaud. I would recommend it for your kid.

We were so excited for the New Year, how about you? Not sure. I understand. When my neighbor and I went shopping yesterday, the stores were already decorated by Feb 14th Valentine’s Day signs.

It was a bit odd, coz there are too many people still celebrating the New Year. Of course it’s only two days remaining and may be some stores believe that customers who really celebrate the New Year will not wait until the last moment to do their shopping. I guess it is true to a great extent.

Until we talk again, indulge yourself in our topics, get into its very deep secrets, with our hugs and kisses ❤Geekstore"Foreo

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