Libraries’ World!

Hello everyone! Thank you for being here with us; especially our new comers from the US, Canada, Japan, the UK, India, Poland, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Argentina, Serbia 😉

Technology was not able to take our libraries away from us; on the contrary, it empowered them and let them have more deeper involvements  with our lives.

We talked about libraries before, and we mentioned the huge budgets which are Image result for Walnut creek libraryallocated to libraries, due to the importance of their roles in our communities, and for other reasons as well.

Your love for reading and books is mostly passed over to you by your parents. For me, it was my dad. He loved reading and books in a way that made me acted the same without even thinking about it. 

Nobody may read to you bed-time stories when you’re young, but may be watching others around you reading, and eager to read, would create in you the love for books, and reading.

Reading a book is like exploring the mind of another person. You don’t know what you’re going to find inside that brain. All you think you know is the title of that book, and certain materials based on that topic’s name.

For each one of us, whether we love reading or not, there is certain preferred method of learning that our brain prefer over other methods. And this is where the library becomes very handy and innovative, having all these various formats, such as DVDs, CDs, videos, audios, in addition to books or eBooks.

Remember also that there are some people with disabilities, who can benefit in the Image result for Walnut creek librarylibrary more than in school setting. So as a student , a library will play the role of a school, while it is more convenient to the student to act in a more engaging way.

In certain areas, libraries encourage education and improve it in a way, for a wider range of audience.

Libraries are a key element for immigrants, who learn the language as a second language, and they need help not only by reading books, but also via interacting with people. Where else better than a library to find people to talk to.

Not only that but also learning to use the computer and the digital devices, the libraries help many people to be able to learn at their own pace how to use the computer or how to look for an app that would give them a permanent solution for something they were looking for.

Mary, 1Zumba friend, said that going to your community library is one essential act you should do if you really care to know your community well enough. It will make you feel belonging in a way, which is good for you as a motivation element.

Image result for Walnut creek libraryWe talked about libraries before, and today we chat a little bit further. May be we need to take a break, and then talk some more.

We would love to hear your comments, so until we chat more, here’s our kisses & hugs ❤


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