Libraries’ World!


Hello everyone! Thank you for being here with us; especially our new comers from the US, Canada, Japan, the UK, India, Poland, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Argentina, Serbia 😉

Technology was not able to take our librariesaway from us; on the contrary, it empowered them and let them have more deeper involvements  with our lives.

We talked about libraries before, and we mentioned the huge budgets which are Image result for Walnut creek libraryallocated to libraries, due to the importance of their roles in our communities, and for other reasons as well.

Your love for reading and books is mostly passed over to you by your parents. For me, it was my dad. He loved reading and books in a way that made me acted the same without even thinking about it. 

Nobody may read to you bed-time stories when you’re young, but may be watching others around you reading, and eager to read, would create…

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