Save Your Brain!

Your brain is a part of you that needs a lot of your attention! 😉
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Whole-Brain-GIF | Brain art, Watercolor art journal, Dont touch my phone  wallpapersDo you know that your brain can be adjusted from bad mood into a good one in a matter of nanoseconds?

The relationship between your mood and your cognitive function is complicated, and experts still have a lot to learn about how the two are connected. More

They do know that feeling anxious or depressed is tied to lower cognitive performance. It also makes it tougher to think creatively or solve problems.

Illustration outlining reasons someone may feel like something is wrong with themEveryone not only you has experienced some kind of bad mood, right? This is life, a day for you and another for someone else. Therefore, you need to know how to deal with such a mood, and the good news is that there are a lot of solutions for you to feel better and to stay away from being overwhelmed.

In addition, it wouldn’t take you a long time to do any of these solutions. It is similar to common sense tips.

Until we talk again, we would love to hear from you: suggestions, with our hugs and kisses

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