Ornaments Time!

We don’t care  who you are, where you are, or what you do; we only care about you! 😉
Thank you and welcome our friends from the US, Poland, Namibia, India, Macedonia, and Algeria 😉

Although it was raining heavily here, I was out with a friend looking at the lights and the ornaments starting appearing in most stores. Luari, my friend asked me to take some pictures for her with a number of trees that were standing there next to each other, waiting for the buyers to come and buy.

She wanted to show them to her family before taking the decision of buying one. She told me that they never bought any trees before, and that most probably, if they decided to buy one, it would be artificial, since it wouldn’t leave their place in a mess like a natural tree.Ornaments2-Sophie.jpg

That was outside one of Orchard Hardware Store, which was quite splendid with all kinds of lights and ornaments. When we checked up on the prices, it was good deal compared to other places that sold trees. Ornaments-Sophie.jpg

Until we chat again, you want to be where you find your inspiration, if this is the case, head to our topics with our hugs and kisses

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