1Z, Gravity Receipt!

Wow, guys! How nice to talk to all of you one more time. Our greetings to everyone who is visiting our pages today, especially from the US, the UK, Germany, Argentina, Chile, Ireland, Brazil, n Croatia 😉

When you see the photos of your friends online, or in their offices, it amazes you how people are so different in their interests. One is building up a family, another is developing a career, n a third hasn’t decided yet which path to take, etc.

Isn’t that wonderful? Each one of you is busy doing what s/he has to do, according to her/his own beliefs or likes, so that  we can complete each other. Pay attention smart friends

Yes, my 1Zumba friend, I’m still repeating it over & over again; we are completing each other. For example, you are good in Math, and your friend is good in Science so each one of you could help the other in its homework when needed 😀

Our 1Zumba competition will be in the last paragraph for those interested in winning a prize 😆

Oh! One thing I learned over the years, it’s always a good idea to look at the receipt you get after any financial transaction you do. You would be surprised that many mistakes could happen at the final cashier’s end.

In spite of having a very busy Monday today, we still have a room for reading some of your questions and comments. One from 1Zumba friends asked about gravity & how it is related to skydiving, and to tell you the truth, I was surprised by his question, being so young. 

I found a very interesting spot online that provides some valuable info about this subject, so if anyone else shares the same interest as E.J. has, pls click here.

There are many inventions related to gravity, and it’s all available online!

“Physicists have announced the discovery of gravitational waves, ripples in the fabric of spacetime that were first anticipated by Albert Einstein a century ago.

“We have detected gravitational waves. We did it,” said David Reitze, executive director of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (Ligo), at a press conference in Washington.

Now, it’s time for Question No. 43, here it is, & Good Luck:

1Z- Q43

Thanks for each one of you for visiting our site today, and let’ s have a quick break, then resume our talk one more time. Until then, here’s our hugs & kisses 😉

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