Roaring Times, 1Z!!

Thank you dear readers and friends everywhere. I miss yo guys, coz I’ve been busy running errands the whole day. OMG! 

Our special thanks go for the US, India, Canada, n Paraguay 😉

Yes, we have a new Question for the competition. It’ll be in the last paragraph. In the meantime, let’s see why “In & Out” Burgers insist on calling their product (the burger sandwich) a “Hamburger”, although there is no ham in it. It’s pure beef, as far as I understand. If I am mistaken, pls someone tells me otherwise.

I find it easier now to use the “n” instead of “and”, and although it is formally, sometimes,  not accepted to use it, yet, it was actually  OK, nobody opposed it any more.

Vicky, 1Zumba friend, said she was not surprised that nobody even raise a comment on using the “n” instead of “and” in our last staff meeting, since it’s already used everywhere, not only in our writings but also as titles, store names, etc.

Back to our hamburger, Google explains it as follows: “The common belief is that the American hamburger borrowed its name from a dish called “Hamburg Style Beef” or “Hamburg Steak” which arrived in the United States from the German city of Hamburg in the 19th century. The dish was nothing more than chopped meat eaten raw.” 😆

This weekend I had to run errands and more errands, shopping n more shopping, n for some reason, I remembered my mom. No! not for some reason, for a very specific reason, which is a pair of white shoes in Macy’s. It reminded me of how my mom used to  take me to choose her mother’s day gift, n she would pay for it.

One time I chose that exact pair of white shoes for her, and she called it “the Princess Shoes”, so every time she wore them, I ask her how she like the Princess’s shoes? I was so happy whenever she preferred them over her other collection of shoes. Kids love to feel that anything they give to their parents are more liked than other stuff. But in that case, it wasn’t even from my allowances! I never paid for it, haha! 

Here’s our competition question no. 42:

1Z- Q42

It’s not easy to be happy with shopping when you have to; it’s more fun, when you take your time, compare between different choices, colors, styles, fashionable clothing. So by the end of the day, after a long series of shopping, I was kind of saying “it’s roaring time, 1Zum” 😀


Dear friends n readers, we will talk more after a short break, just to grab a snack. Thank you. Our love n kisses 😉

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