Do Motivation, 1Z?

Thank you and welcome to our pages, dear readers and friends from the US, Canada, Australia, Greece, Costa Rica, Germany, Brazil, Czech Republic 😉

My 1Zumba friend, I hope you’d be getting better soon. Probably it’s the cold weather, or you got it from someone 😉

Lily came to me asking what should she do when she lost motivation. She said: “I don’t Image result for take a breakwant to do anything!”

I answered : “Ask yourself the following questions:

1.     Do I need a break?

Evaluate whether your mind and body needs a break. Continually performing the same action over and over will lead to loss of motivation. If you relaxed, or  had a break, your mind and body can feel rejuvenated and much more motivated.

2.     Am I Active?

Think if you take any long walks lately. If not, you need them back. Being active is very essential to be motivated, while repetition for doing the same thing over and over again is depressor.

3.    Lighten Up Your Mood

Smile, laugh, or act as if you are. There are elements in your brain, which are nresponsible for your good mood that will be released once you did that. Your mood will automatically be changed. Try it! 

4.     Am I Taking It Gradually?

Taking one step at a time, this phrase we used to say to our kids when they start walking; it’s exactly the same with any other thing in life. You need to take it a bit by bit. Don’t just overwhelm yourself with too much in your plate!

5.   Did I Reward Myself?

Sure, this is important question to ask. Even yourself needs some kind of reward. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant. You can manage it within your budget, and your time.

6.     Do I Sleep Sufficiently?

Deep sleep is a necessity. Failure to sleep sufficient hours each night can have a Image result for relaxingdetrimental effect on your ability to focus, think clearly, and remain motivated. It’s not only shutting up your eyes, you need to go into real sleep, not a superficial one.

7.     Should I Embrace my Fear?

Fear could be the main hindrance. This could be fear of failure. If this is the case, then remember that fear is felt by all, reevaluate your task and see what is making you fearful. Embrace that fear, use it to start a fire in your belly that reaches your mind to kick starts your motivation.

Now, we need a quick break, right?!  Our hugs and kisses for all of you. ❤

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