Flu or Cold, 1 Zumba?

Our dearest friends and readers everywhere, especially from the US, India, New Zealand, n Taiwan, you are the best 😉

Our topic is not about Gene Wilder, a great American actor, screen writer, and director. We’re just saying “Good Bye” to him, since he left our world few days ago, after he GENE WILDER WILLIE WONKA 8x10 PHOTOsuffered many health complications, which he kept private.

I don’t know the man personally like many of you, but his movies reflected his ingenuity and his good heart, and that is why I felt we should say “Farewell” to him.

He was an outstanding actor in every role he played. He was greatly appreciated by all other people around him.

Now,  moving on to our topic: Neomi, 1Zumba friend, asked me about how to deal with her flu, since she is supposed to be teaching tomorrow.

Do you know what it is?

If it’s a cold, you would probably know how to deal with it. Warm lemonade, hot tea, Image result for coldwarm soup will be great. If it’s the flu, you need to be more careful. You need good amount of rest in bed, coz it’s usually more severe than a cold, like a higher fever, soreness, pain or exhaustion.

Allergies often come with itchy eyes, mouth, and throat in addition to the normal coughing and congestion you see in a cold. When you’re in doubt, check with the specialist- the physician.

Did you take a day or two off?

It’s OK to stay home and take a good rest. Believe it or not, it’s not the end of the world. There must be someone who can do your job while you’re sick. You don’t need to spread it over to all other workers or colleagues. Do you?

Did you take it easy?

Remember that stress is not in your favor. If you de-stress, you’ll be able to think clearer and more productive. When you’re sick, try to remember one thing, is there anything else more important than getting healed, and regaining back your strengths?

Do you eat healthy food?

It is time to eat healthy food, if you don’t. Good beef or chicken soup, with some veg and rice or bread, would be an ideal meal for your retaining your health; unless you are on a special medical diet.

Image result for sick so eat healthy

That was my answer along with other teachers’ answers as well. I guess it can help anyone who is suffering from a cold/a flu.

We wish you all healthy and happy holidays. Thank you for being here with us for these few moments. We’ll be back for more chatting. Until then, hugs n kisses for all of you ❤


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