Trapeze Acrobat

My pretty faces! My great visitors! My appreciation to every and each one of you, wherever you are. I am always anxious to hear from you, and to talk to you.

We never have enough, so keep us company our dear friends, especially the new ones from the USMexico, the UK, Iraq, Germany, IndiaSwitzerland, Bangladesh,  SpainBrazil  😉

Good Day my 1Zumba friend. It is quite strange what is going on, but life is life, and we have to comply.  Our conversation is interrupted all the time, we need to have a meeting, and build up things in a clear fashion if this is fine with you. What am I saying? It’s getting complicated, and I feel it, but let me think a little bit 😉

There is always good days, and others not-your-days. It’s natural and happens to all of us, even to presidents, celebrities, royals, n common people. It just one intricate element in the nature of life. It’s no secret.

My dear 1Zumba friend, why am I saying this?  Coz I noticed that you started neglecting yourself. You are either overwhelmed, or unhappy about something. If the first option is the case, you need to delegate some of your jobs or tasks to someone else, so you would feel a bit light, if it is the second one, you are to find out why you are unhappy with yourself.  Sit with yourself.

When I am saying sit with yourself, I mean really give a good portion of your time to yourself. Similar to having an appointment with your physician. For example, commit yourself to: “Tomorrow I will have 30 minutes meeting with myself”. What time? 7pm. Ok this is great.  This step in itself, believe me, will make you feel better, even before starting any dialogue with yourself.

I was talking to a 1Zumba acquaintance the other day. As a teacher, I most of the time, try to be careful with my words with others when communicating, hanging up to that opinion of “it’s a shame to be a teacher of English language, n you make grammatical mistakes”.

DUDE-jokeBut, as you know that colloquial English is a bit different from the written English. In class, I always encourage my students to speak and try their best to express what they have in mind; it doesn’t matter if they make grammatical mistakes, coz the purpose is communication.

We use the communicative approach; its main objective is to have people convey their thoughts to others, even with having grammatical mistakes, while expressing their ideas.

Sometimes, if you care too much for the grammar, your focus on whatever you’re saying would be lost; you would be thinking in two different streams at the same time: one is the grammar, and the 2nd is the subject (statistics, security, etc.) The thread of your thoughts can get blocked when you concentrate on grammar n syntax, or on any other aspect of the language while you’re speaking.

Anyway, when I met that nice lady, before the class started, we were having a random chat, and she talked about her husband, mentioning that he was kinesthetic person, that he preferred to be in the field, rather than sitting to a desk or at a desk.  She used he “disliked sitting on a desk”, which is also correct to be used, but sometimes it requires certain conditions grammatically.

trp1Since we were having some chit-chat, that was fine, so I replied to her in the same way, using the same preference she used “sitting on a desk”, but the funny thing is that, in my own mind, it was kind of unacceptable to use that.

I redundantly repeated sitting on a desk, sitting on a desk, sitting on a desk, and then I realize after the 3rd time, that resentment was inside me, so I changed the subject. The situation made me think, why I was acting like that. In class, repeatedly, I stated that communication was the bottom line in our language. Yes, it was the conflict between using the informal vs the formal language!

Oh dear 1Zumba friend, do you know what I feel like, sometimes? I feel  like a bubble floating in the air up n up in the sky, or may be more like a trapeze Acrobat with our hugs and kisses


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